A Real Iranian Dinner Party, With Live Traditional Music

Have you ever wondered, how is it like to participate in a "real" Iranian cozy party?

We will plan a party with all of the traditions of a normal and real Iranian family party (Mehmooni), for you in our Khalvat House.

Our Services

Iranian Herbal Drinks

Cold or hot homemade drinks based on the season.

Iranian Snacks

Fresh and dried fruites with nuts and pastries.

Iranian Dinner

All home cooked with fresh ingredients, including Iranian dish, sour vegetables (Torshi), salads, yogurt,...

Live Traditional Music

A live Iranian traditional music, with so much love and joy.

Iranian Movie Stream

We can watch special Iranian movies together.

Now you can book your party

You can book your party here. We will contact you for the booking confirmation as soon as possible. For the quick bookings you can contact us via WhatssApp: +98 913 426 9976